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Moqui Balls - Shaman Stones
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Moqui Balls - Shaman Stones-shaman, stone, moquois, moqui, grounding
Moqui Balls - Shaman Stones
Moqui balls are concretions of iron with an outer shell of hematite (iron oxide) with a sandstone center. 
The sandstone center is often stained red or yellow from iron oxides.  Occasionally there are additional rings of hematite in the center.  Moqui marbles have been called by a lot of different names. 
Moqui marbles, ironstone concretions, navajo cherries, indian marbles or shaman stones.
The black are considered "males" and the red tinted ones, "females".

Shaman stones are high energy stones and are powerful allies to have for personal path workings and for healing.
In personal matters the stones can connect the shaman with the energies in the earth.
They are powerful in grounding and focusing the mind.
The stones can be used for contacting and interacting with animal spirit guides.

The stones are powerful protectors because they absorb negative energy and transform it in to positive. They never need cleansing.

If one stone is placed at the crown and another is placed on the soles of the feet, the shaman stones can purify and normalize the flow of chakra energies in the one being treated.

The stones seem to have a positive effect on any area they are placed over. They are helpful with nerve pain and with opening blockages in the chakras.

They are said to have been used for contact with ET's, vision quests and journeying, they were sacred among the shamanic members of the ancient tribes.

Moquis are a social bunch are like to be in pairs, constatly with the user or placed in a plant.

one assorted moqui

approx 30 mm


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